Introducing LegYield

Introducing Leg Yield



Lateral work is important because it helps to keep your horse supple. Make lateral work a regular part of your horse’s exercise programme to help keep him supple and moving freely.
The movements can seem a bit scary if you haven’t done them before but if you break them down into bite-sized pieces, they’re […]

The importance of a balanced seat

Bog no 10

Two Quotes that I really like form this blog

Nuno Oliveira

“Take your reins like a flower Not like a stone

Take your horse by your waist and by your seat not by your hand and never by force

If you do it by force it is not the art of riding it is something else


This quote […]

Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Write down a goal (you may have several) write it as current tense e.g.

I am riding my horse out on my own down the beach and loving it.
Or I am riding a level 5 test and its going really well


Think about how your goal will show itself

What will you […]

Core Engagement

CORE – how switching it on can help or impede

If a rider sits very relaxed, with little inner core muscle engagement, they can feel very heavy on the horse’s back.

If you engage your deep core muscles more, you support yourself more, which makes you feel lighter to the horse.  Most horses will then lift their […]


Comes from the activation and increased carrying power of your horse’s hind legs. When your horse takes more weight behind, that results in a lighter shoulder and a more mobile front end. This allows you as the rider to ride the horse through various movements with small, unobtrusive aids.

Horses that are not through are typically […]

The Heavy Horse

The Reins and the Rider – Some problems that aren’t what they seem

A rider usually talks about a symptom of the problem, what’s happening and what they feel.  When they try to fix the symptom they often cause other problems.

It’s easy to ride for an hour fixing the symptom when all you have done is […]

How to ride a circle

How to ride a proper Circle
There are two things to think about

How the CIRCLE is being ridden geometrically.
How the HORSE is being ridden on a curved line

Remember, in a circle you should NEVER NOT BE TURNING.

Another mistake is often you will be doing a great job until you reach the side of the […]

Three on horse exercises

The exercises are good for lengthening your leg and opening your hip.  Do them every day before you school while your horse is having a walk.

Recipes for Horses

Horse recipes that won’t break the bank:

Keeping horses can be expensive, and from time to time we need to supplement what we are doing. Here are some basic remedies Passed on to me by others who have found them useful.

Remember to buy in bulk for really good savings. Check with your local rural supplies and […]

Pole Exercises