Bog no 10

Two Quotes that I really like form this blog

Nuno Oliveira

“Take your reins like a flower Not like a stone

Take your horse by your waist and by your seat not by your hand and never by force

If you do it by force it is not the art of riding it is something else


This quote from Gillian Higgins in her book Posture and Performance is a great explanation of the importance of correct Rider Biomechanics.

Seat Aids

Effective use of the seat is one of the more difficult aids to achieve.  The rider must first learn to relax.  (My comment: especially the bottom , let’s not have a tight bottom)

Remember to breathe.  Align his centre of gravity with that of the horse.  (Neutral Spine) recruit the core muscles and sit perfectly still without bouncing or interfering with the movement.

When the rider is asymmetrical he may use the weight of his head, arms or legs inappropriately to stabilise his position.  This will in turn affect the horses balance, posture and performance.

Achieving a balanced seat allows riders to develop independent hands, good riding posture and supple legs.

As the horse learns to respond to the subtle changes of the seat, communication becomes invisible.