I was the lucky recipient of a free Biomechanics Lesson donated by Linda Brown. We had fantastic weather at Linda’s beautiful property and arena. This lesson was unique in that it focussed on my position and effectiveness, not just the horses way of going. We started off with a quick ride around and Linda assessing me, she picked up on my lopsidedness to the right immediately! Linda then adjusted my position and gave me excellent analogies and “word pictures” to relate to. This really suits my style of learning and gave me tools to use when riding on my own, using my mantra to self check my position. Then I practised…it felt strange at first but I did feel steadier in the saddle. We also practised the “bearing down” use of core muscles which was hard work and highlighted how weak my lower abs are! It did make a difference in the quality of our transitions. I really enjoyed my lesson and Linda’s method of teaching. The “Ride with your Mind” does make alot of sense. I have homework to do! Thank you Linda for your generosity, and Janine for your filming skills, AND to the Dressage club for putting my name forward. I am very grateful!! Regards, Shirley Paterson


lindaPrior to having coaching from Linda Brown I was struggling as a return to riding (after 30 years) rider and my husband was a complete beginner. Now, after only a handful of lessons, I am competing in Dressage and actually winning ribbons and my husband is really enjoying his riding experience. Linda has a wonderful unique coaching style incorporating visualisation techniques and on the ground activities which help the rider understand the concepts of biomechanics and consequently ride with a better position and seat. More importantly for me and my husband Linda has provided us with the confidence that makes riding, our off the track thoroughbred quite green horses, easy and pleasurable. I cannot recommend Linda and her coaching methods highly enough. Elizabeth Manchee





20150717_084948_resizedI was really excited to train with Linda as I had always found the RWYM books and DVDs so helpful. But I was blown away by the changes in my riding and the subsequent way my horse went, after just a few training sessions with Linda. It can only be described as “life changing”.  Linda understands RWYM but her talent is in her ability to relay this information in exactly the right way, at exactly the right time, and at exactly the right pace. She is a very talented teacher. She uses powerful analogies and the right words to effect change in even the most established and ingrained riding habits. These techniques and strategies will work for you whether you are a jump rider, a dressage rider, training on your own, at a competition, out hacking etc. It’s powerful stuff and New Zealand is lucky to have such a talented trainer.


IMG_1366My name is Melina Cropp and I live in Wanganui. I want to share how much better my riding is since I have been having lessons with Linda.  It’s hard to believe that changing my position has had such a big effect on Jake, the way he moves and behaves.  Because I am riding better Jake is going really well and we have been placing at shows as he is so much nicer to ride and in a better frame.  Thanks to Linda I am really enjoying my riding and I know that Jake is too.



“The RWYM method that Linda uses has bought a new awareness to my position and horses way of going. I have seen a big increase in my horse’s elasticity and freedom of stride. Linda’s clear explanation and vivid imagery makes the concepts easy to grasp and implement. Thanks Linda – Ella Mathews Rotorua




My name is Aimee, I am a para dressage rider grade 2. I was diagnosed with cerebral palsy when I was 2. I was riding by age 4 at Riding for the Disabled in both Australia and New Zealand.. My horse Geordie and I started going to Linda Brown for lessons a few months ago. We started off by looking at how I ride, then she altered my position and I rode walk/trot again while she told me how best to use my core muscles. The way Linda had me riding was strange at first and took me a lot of work and effort. With practise and reminding it slowly became a more natural thing for me to do whenever I get on my horse. I still need reminding of things like ‘pillars’ which reminds me to stay upright through my upper body so I don’t tip forward and make them bend. Linda is good at explaining and working out strategies and reminder words specifically for my needs. I recently went to Horse of the Year for the first time. I had competitions on the last three days of the week at HOY. We arrived 4 days early to give us time to get Geordie settled and enough time for shopping and watching other sports. It was so much fun camping and riding with the other paras, it was a nice and relaxed environment with heaps going on. Geordie and I went home with two 2nds and a 1st for my freestyle and Reserve Champion for my grade. I hope to go next year and bring home champion!!!!


” Before I started training with Linda I was all about the horse. Now when i focus on my own riding I notice such a huge difference in the way my horse goes.”





“Thank you Linda for making me focus on my own position and how it affects the movement of my horse!”