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Three on horse exercises

The exercises are good for lengthening your leg and opening your hip.  Do them every day before you school while your horse is having a walk.

Recipes for Horses

Horse recipes that won’t break the bank:

Keeping horses can be expensive, and from time to time we need to supplement what we are doing. Here are some basic remedies Passed on to me by others who have found them useful.

Remember to buy in bulk for really good savings. Check with your local rural supplies and […]

Pole Exercises

Contact and Biomechanics

The mouth is sensitive hand position is important and varies from rider to rider as we are not all the same shape or length of arm or body.

Contact should feel like gently holding hands with your horse

Top picture: What a pulling hand does to the horse. It locks him up.

Its called Tea Pot Neck and steals […]

How to Correct your Seatbones

Seatbones are the center of your body.  They affect the rest of your frame and most importantly your balance.
The balance of the centre of the body, affects the body above and below. Do you sit evenly on your seatbones?  Do you have one hip more forward than the other?  Do you have more weight on your front […]