Welcome to The Balanced Rider.

This program is designed to help you find a balanced position on your horse, to keep you safe and enable your horse to move without the hindrance of an unbalanced rider.


Section 1

For new riders, mature riders returning to riding after a long break or those that are weekend riders and want to know if they are doing it right and how they can ride more safely.


A lot of this content will be about things you wanted to know but were too scared to ask


What we will cover

  • How do I sit balanced – where and how do I hold my hands
  • Getting braver and staying safe – Put on your Brave person pants
  • The first aids. –  How to ask your horse to go, stop, and move sideways away from your leg
  • Having a training plan – what should be in it and where to from here
  • Rhythm
  • Suppleness
  • Contact
  • How to ride corners and circles and serpentines
  • Impulsion
  • Showing some lengthening
  • Straightness
  • Turn on the forehand and leg yield
  • Rein back
  • Using a Mantra
  • Rider relaxation
  • Setting realistic goals – Keeping a diary or workbook
  • How to keep improving


Getting Started

It can be difficult to study online. Often we start off with good intentions but don’t manage to keep it up even when we are really enjoying the content. Life gets in the way.  Try to set aside some regular time just as you would if you had a fixed appointment.  Sometimes appointments have to be cancelled but if you have a regular time scheduled you can get back to it.

The good thing is that you can repeat sections as often as you want or skip bits and come back to them later.

You have your own personal coach in your own home at your own pace.