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Relaxation or Effort the key to unlocking the horse

Rider Biomechanics:-

Relaxation or Effort the key to unlocking the horse

How the rider sits on a horse and moves their body affects not only their own balance but that of the horse.  The rider either restricts the horse or allows it to move.

Unlike many other sports, the horse has its own biomechanical system and so in […]

Two Easy Exercises to Make the Rider’s Hands More Sensitive and Effective

From Centred Riding Sally Swift

The Wineglass exercise

With your fingers around the stems, walk around with two full (right to the top!) wine glasses. Notice how much easier it is not to spill the wine when you are grounded, centered, and soft with your fingers, than when you tighten and hold the glass stems with tense […]

Being Brave

Some Tips on how to deal with your fear
Give your fear a name.  Lets call ours Nancy

Tell your fear to” Go Away Nancy” take control and stop the  hormones that turn you into a quivering wreck (you can shout out loud or in your head — either works!)

One of my riders locks Nancy in her […]