Keeping horses can be expensive, and from time to time we need to supplement what we are doing.  Here are some basic remedies Passed on to me by others who have found them useful.

Remember to buy in bulk for really good savings.  Check with your local rural supplies and cash and carrys for great deals.

Ulcer Treatment

Ingredients: Baking Soda Coconut Oil

Recipie: Mix Baking Soda and Coconut oil together to form a smooth paste similar to cake icing in consistency.

Place in a container in the fridge.  To use scrape off about one heaped tablespoon and add to the feed.  I do this twice daily but once is OK. Most horses have no objection to eating this as it tastes like salt.  Bonus: A really shinny coat.

Hoof Oil

Ingredients: Lard Oil (any e.g. Rice Bran) Stockholm Tar

Recipie: Melt Lard and add oil to your own consistency remembering that it will solidify as it cools.  Add Stockholm Tar at the rate of about 2tblsp to one litre of the mixture

Basic Electrolytes

Ingredients: Salt Dolomite

Recipe: Mix together 4 Parts Dolomite to one part salt.  Add a handful to the feed daily. Note: This is a basic electrolyte and not suitable for horses in very heavy work.

Leg cooler and tightner

Ingredients: Methylated Spirits White vinegar Epsom salts

Recipie: Mix equal parts of Methlayted spirits and White Vinegar and add a big handful of Epsom salts to make approximately 1 litre.  Make sure the Epsom salts have dissolved. Note there will be a white residue left on your horses legs. This will just wash off.

Lets put some weight on

Ingredients: Rice (any kind) salt

Recipe: One cup of rice to about 10 cups of water plus salt to taste.  Great as a winter filler added to the feed. Bring to the boil then turn off leaving the lid on the pot.  Add to feed when cool enough to eat. This is better made daily as it caN GO OFF